Colour Block Yoga Eye Pillow


Colour Block eye pillows to enhance yoga relaxation or as part of your mindfulness routine when resting at home.

Made from hand printed fine natural linen and jewel coloured Indian Silk, filled with jasmine rice and organic dried lavender. The outer cover can be gently hand washed to freshen.

Designed to apply gentle pressure to the tension holding areas this alone will send you into deep relaxation but combined with the aroma of fragrant jasmine rice and relaxing lavender this extra sensory experience adds another layer to calm and soothe the body and mind.

Directions for use:
Find a quiet place and lie down. Place the yoga pillow horizontally over your eyes.
Feel the soothing coolness press against your skin and take your attention to the breathe. Start to breathe a little slower and deeper and let the fragrant, relaxing aroma work its gentle magic.

by Tracey Johnston


  • Cinnamon Silk & Pink Linen
  • Peacock Blue & Teal Linen Sold Out
  • Turmeric Silk & Yellow Linen